The Races of Aluvia

Aluvia is a thriving city populated by many various races. The following races represent the vast majority of the residents and the choices available to players:


The Anubashi are a race of jackal-headed humanoids equally at home in the Wastes or the city streets.


The Dwarves are a hardy and industrious lot, spending their lives in search of perfect craftsmanship.


The Elves once ruled all of Aluvia and beyond, but have since fallen into disgrace due to their addiction to Magic.


The Goliath of the Fire Gardens tower over the other races, but their mass belies their kind hearts.


The Halfling hail from Borea and have brought all their cousins to Aluvia.


The Humans are the most populous of the races, and show the greatest promise for good or ill.

Racial Benefits

Each race offers a variety of benefits, summarized below.

Ability Scores: Your character race offers a bonus to one ability score and your choice of a bonus to one of two other scores.

Speed: Your race determines how fast you can move.

Vision: Some creatures have the ability to see clearly in gloomy light, while others have no special ability to see in the dark.

Languages: Based on cultural history and tendencies, some races master a wider variety of languages than others.

Other Racial Traits: While every race provides the mechanical abilities outlined above, some races grant additional benefits and abilities. These include a bonus to a defense, proficiency with a weapon group, and so forth.

Racial Power: Every race has a special knack that can prove useful during an adventure. These include the Elves ability to absorb life energy or the Halfling’s unnatural luck.


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